Ocean Tears

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mohamedhditbann i love poetry and pancakes
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Drowning in love is a near death experience.

Ocean Tears

The wind blows and influences the tides that separated us, tides that witnessed our pain and struggle to hold onto each other, yet had no mercy to spare.

Tides that we trusted for sanctuary, betrayed us like a dog betrays his owner and tides that watched as your tears migrate from your sky like blue eyes to merge into its depth.

It is said that the salt in the ocean's water originates from the tears of its victims. But seeing your eyes shine reflects memories and flashbacks.

I could see a painful past and a future that cannot be predicted. I cherish every second I still have grasping my last breath, staring into your twinkling naked eyes as they stare back at me.

We might die tonight, but your eyes will be forever engraved in my memories. A scar that I will carry with me onto the next life.

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