The waiting
The waiting love stories

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The world was praying The world was waiting

The waiting

The world was praying

The world was waiting

The world was fearing

From the unfair

From the injustice

The world was praying

They wanted a new pray

They wanted a new and happy

Revolution happened immediately

They were asking in dismay

The dark was governing

The puzzles were occurring

The beautiful women was kidnapping

Taking to Kaiser

He liked to have them

He liked to be the governor

Even at the hearts of women

Every best was taken

Every worst was not taken

The king Kasri did as Kaiser

Who judge with fear

Who will appear?

The Arab were separated

At several tribes and people

They lived at different places

Carrying their homes over their backs

They searched for the water

To cultivate grass and grow animals

They fought each other

They fought for water

,Places ,money or women

And the women were so weaken

They were been sold or conferred

And the sons and daughters of salves

Were takes as salves

There were a lot of Gods

Apis was God at ancient Egypt

Temples were Gods at Arab land

Fire was God at Fares

Kaiser took the worth

As the governor of land

And Kaiser so did

Who will change the world?

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