The Kalon Purge
The Kalon Purge

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mockingjay A Wanna Be Professional Author
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When some people wanted a perfect world, there is going to be chaos.

The Kalon Purge

The Kalons, meaning the people who's beauty is more than skin-deep, race through the mountains as they make their escape.

The deformed help the mentally disabled make their way and the Kalon children push those in wheelchairs along the smooth, hidden path.

The deaf and blind team up together relying on each other to make their way out alive.

The weak and less intelligent help those who are falling behind and to constantly look behind them, hoping to not see the Elysian army.

The Elysians, meaning the perfect people, chase the Kalons as they fire their weapons, hoping to kill as many as they can.

Up on the mountains, some of the Kalons ignite stolen explosives, hoping to break parts of the mountain to block the Elysians' way.

Rocks tumble down the steep mountains. Some of the Kalons run faster as they realize the mistake that was made.

The rocks come down too soon, crushing some of the Kalons that have fallen behind.

Once the dirt and dust has cleared, some of the Kalons come to the barricade of rock to mourn those that were crushed in the unfortunate accident.

On the other side of the wall, a shout comes from an Elysian. "You all will die eventually. Soon, only the closest to perfect will survive."

A few of the children started to whimper, scared of what has happened and what will happen in the future.

The Kalons that were up in the mountains ran down as they rushed everyone to continue running.

Bullets flew through the crowd of Kalons. The Elysians fired great accuracy from the mountain tops.

People scurried and made their way to the tunnels. More and more dropped dead.

Only half of what there was made it to the tunnels, following the dim light that illuminated the way. More explosives went off, covering the entrance way to the tunnels.

Small bits of sunlight came through the smalls hole that allowed fresh air to come in the dark tunnels.

Soon, the Kalons reached the end of the tunnels, finally reaching safety. At the end was a base camp inside one of the mountains.

Most of the Kalons retreated for the rest of the day into the small rock buildings.

The few remaining that were awake met in the largest building. On the table inside were maps with red dots on them.

Each dot was a target city to help bring down the Elysian Empire. One of the dots was circled in red.

"Tomorrow we launch the attack. Tomorrow begins the rebellion. Tomorrow we cry out for freedom."

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