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A little girl in who was given up by her mother writes letters to her mom about what she is going through.

The Letters

dear mommy, please come back! im scared. i want you to come back. nobody wants to adopt me. the only people who do want to adopt me are very mean men. the bad men have done some cruel things to me and im scared!

i ran away and im cold and hungry. i havent had food in 4 days and im starving! i miss you mommy. please come back. if you want me back, i am in the snow house under the big bridge. please take me back! i love you mommy!

Dear mommy, guess what! some nice people found me and want to adopt me! you can still come get me if you want though. now i have clothes and a bed! they also fed me really yummy food called pancakes i think.

they even gave me a doll! i have never seen a doll before! i am still scared of the bad men, but the nice people are going to keep me safe! if you still want me, i am in the big red house! i love you mommy!

Dear Mom, I think today is my 13 birthday. We don't really know my age or birthday, so we guessed. I have been with the Andersons for about 6 years now. I like the mom and dad, but their son has often beat me up.

I have to try extra hard to hid all of my bruises and cuts and gashes from the parents or else their son would hurt me more. He even broke my arm, but I am not allowed to say anything about it. If you still want me, I live in the big red house on Patterson road. I love you mom.

Dear Mom, I know you will never receive this, but I still like to think that you will. Anyways, I am seventeen now. Last year the Andersons found about the son beating me, so they kicked me out.

I am living in the streets again, eating food from people's garbage and hiding from everybody on the streets. Especially those who have hurt me in the past. I am still scared of them and that they will hurt me again. If you still want me, I live everywhere. I love you mom.

Dear Mom, I am now nineteen. It has now been seventeen years since you dumped me in the streets. Since my last letter, I have been beaten up seven times and raped twelve. I am terrified but I have nowhere else to run or hide anymore. I have a baby girl now. I didn't want her, but I still loved her.

I had to give her to an orphanage because the police made me and I couldn't care for her. This will be my last letter to you, because I am going to make this my last day to live. I can't live like this any longer, so I am just going to quickly end it and ease my pain. If you still want me, I will see you in heaven. I love you mom.

Dear Mom, A lot has happened since my last letter. I am twenty three now. During my suicide attempt, a kind man saved me. His name is Philip and we are now married. We had a little boy, Alex, but he died when he was four years old.

We later were blessed with a baby girl, Emma, who died when she was two weeks old. Philip has gone to war and died during battle. I am currently pregnant with another baby girl who I am planning on naming Lilly. I love you mom.

Dear Mom, I am having a nurse at the hospital write this to you, as I take my last breaths. I just gave birth to Lilly, but I am not going to make it for her. Please, if you are still out there and you get this, please take care of Lilly. I don't want her to grow up the same way I did.

I can't stand the thought of my baby girl out in the world alone and afraid with no one to protect her from the cruelties that are out there. Please. Find her if you can. Her name is Lilly Rose Jackson. Please. I love you and if you ever find my Lilly, tell her I love her with all my heart. I love you mom.

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