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I am a test subject for the first time machine. Once I arrived, I saw the words sorry.


"Okay. Here is the basic rundown of whats going to happen. I know you've heard this a million times, but it is required. " I have heard this a million times, so I didn't bother to listen this time. Its just the basic procedure to be prepared to time travel.

I am a test subject, along with a few others, to test time travel. Of course, they've tested other things first, but we are the first humans. We are being sent 12 hours into time, just to be safe.

I step step into the clear capsule. The door automatically closes behind me. I press myself against it to make sure it was ready to go. I gave the scientists and engineers a thumbs up, and they signaled back.

Pieces of tile on the floor and ceiling came out and slid over, revealing pieces of black metal coming out and encircling the capsule. Little nozzles are placed on the metal, facing inward.

The nozzles shot out a pale orange gas with pieces of white electric bolts running through the gas. The engineers and scientists slowly faded away as more gas and electricity produced until they were out of sight.

I began to hover in the capsule. My body turns horizontally, similar to indoor skydiving. Then, I was flipping in the air until I became to an abrupt stop.

The gas and electricity stopped circling the capsule, then it all shot toward the capsule, then It all cleared. My body turned vertical, then slowly lowered back down.

The door unlocked and swung open. I stepped out into the dim room. I was horrified at what I saw. Everyone was lying on the floor lifeless. I turned around and on the wall was a single word scrawled in a dark, crimson red.


Whoever the came here and killed those poor people said sorry. He didn't eve say it. He just wrote it. I walked closer to the word. Luckily, it was just spray paint, not blood, but that doesn't make the wound of loss better.

I didn't know anyone really personal. They were just colleagues. But that doesn't mean that wound is not there, its just not as deep as it could be.

There was a faint voice coming from the hallway. It was almost a whisper. "Hello? Is anyone else still alive?" I ran quickly into the hallway, not giving a thought that it could possibly be the killer.

Out there stood two people. Both of them were other test subjects. "Oh my goodness. Another one alive. Thank goodness. Was anyone else alive in the room you were in?" said one of the test subjects, Alicia. "No one. But there was writing on the wall. It said sorry."

She looked a bit surprised. "My wall had that too." "As well as mine", Jase, the other test subject said. " "Hello? Jase? Alicia? Jordyn?" "Matthew?" Matthew is the last test subject.

"Yeah. Its me. Jase, whats happening?" Jase told Matthew what limited information. Matthew quickly ran outside and the rest of us followed.

He was just standing there once we caught up. We stood by him, and what we saw is something no one will ever want to see.

The town had a shade of gray to it. It was deadly silent. On many of the big buildings, there was the painted word. Sorry. There was also a note lying at Matthew's feet. On it was the infamous word. Sorry.

"I am sorry. There is nothing else I could've done. You will understand in the future. The capsules are already set for the proper time. Just manually close the door, and the rest will be done for you. I'll see you in the year 4000. Sorry."

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