My heart resides somewhere else
My heart resides somewhere else travel stories

mockingjay A Wanna Be Professional Author
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My heart resides somewhere else

Where? I do not know.

But I what I do know, is that my heart resides anywhere far, for it does not belong here.

Somewhere far away

It yearns for something more and new. Something it has not seen. Something it has not heard.

It needs to spread the wings that have always been closed and chained so it can fly and hear the songs of freedom and new.

It needs to see all the joy in the world so it can discover happiness. But it also needs to see despair to discover reality.

It is time for a new life for me. To leave the past and the places I've called home. To leave the chains and bonds that have kept me on the ground.

It is time for me to travel far, for my heart resides somewhere else.

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