Long Ago when I was a child...
Long Ago when I was a child... stories

mockingjayImagination Is Everything
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Long ago when I was a child...

Long Ago when I was a child...

I would play for hours outside every day...

I would think of some of the wildest stories...

I was a maiden, strapped to a mast on a pirate ship, captured after they raided my island. I cut through the straps and I would take on every pirate.

I was a poor peasant in medieval country, traveling miles to reach the royal castle. I dressed as a noble knight to challenge the king for the throne.

I was a mermaid, swimming deep in the clear, beautiful ocean. I searched far for the magic shell that would restore the peace in the oceanic world.

I was riding my dragon high in the sky. We flew through threw the purple and orange clouds as the sun set over the horizon. We raced my friend as he challenged me to get back to our village first.

I was in an intense duel of magic with the most evil witch. I fired spells through my wand, trying to defeat the wicked witch.

I would lead the rebellion against the cruelest of kings. I fought against knights and the king himself to free the people of this wretched rule.

I would fly over the magical lands. My crystal blue wings fluttered as I touched the flowers as I flew

I was a ninja, sneaking through the halls of an evil man. My fellow ninjas were beside me as we pulled out our weapons, ready to fight.

I was a cop who was chasing a criminal who robbed a bank. Our cars swerved to avoid crashing and killing anyone.

I ran through cobblestone streets of Pompeii, avoiding the falling ash and the lava that is racing towards me.

I pushed down on the gas pedal of my car, driving over 300 mph. I swerved my car, dodging others as I raced the the finish line.

My sword clashed against the other sword. My shield was raised to defend the oncoming attacks. I fought the Tyrant as I tried to save my friend.

I was a baker in a small, yet amazing bakery. I would infuse my delights with magic to let my customers and myself do extraordinary things.

Yet, I grew up and those days had ended, but I never stop imagining and getting lost in magic and adventure.

And I guess I still do now

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