I Love Him Too Late
I Love Him Too Late love stories

mockingjay A Wanna Be Professional Author
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It's too late to tell him I love him

I Love Him Too Late

It wasn't until it was to late i realized I love him . Now we are over 1700 miles apart.

In my favorite place he once told me he loved me, but i couldn't identify my own feelings.

That was two years ago when we saw each other for the last time. Does he still love me now or has he moved on.

We both shared a deep passion. A passion that led us to meet one another.

He always knew how to make me laugh. Every chance he would get you would make me smile.

Everyday I wait anxiously for his email. I always get so excited when I see his email and to get a chance to talk with him again.

I just wonder if he still loves me. We both have changed so much after two years.

If only now I had the courage to tell him I love him.

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