Color's a Wonderful Thing
Color's a Wonderful Thing color stories

mockingjay A Wanna Be Professional Author
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He was colorblind, but now he sees color.

Color's a Wonderful Thing

I was sitting on the couch listening to the latest song when my girlfriend came in.

She had a huge smile plastered to your beautiful face. She was holding a wrapped box with a green ribbon on top.

"Happy Birthday! Here's your gift! I love you!" "Thanks baby. I love you too. What is it?" She squealed with excitement. "Just open!"

I took the box and hurriedly opened it. "Glasses?"

"Yeah! Okay, so these glasses are specially made for colorblind people. And I remembered you telling me how much you would love to see nature with color! Try them on and we'll go on a hike!"

My breath was taken. That was a conversation I had with her a year ago. And she still remembered what I really wanted.

"I want to wait to put them on. The first thing I want to see in color is you in nature"

We took our car to the nearest trail, and hiked a mile or so before I tried the glasses.

I opened the box again and tried them on. It was like a a whole new world full of color and beauty.

I looked at my girlfriend and she was even more beautiful than she was, if that was even possible. She had these big, gorgeous brown eyes completed with auburn hair.

I looked around and the explosion of the green trees and purple flowers flowed around me. It was gorgeous.

The color made everything more beautiful. Color is a wonderful thing that I never knew about.

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