Adventures of Terrimar: Session 27 (Part Three)
Adventures of Terrimar: Session 27 (Part Three) fiction stories

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Griffon's Ridge (Part Three) A short story based on one of my D&D campaign sessions.


Adventures of Terrimar: Session 27 (Part Three)

Griffon's Ridge (Part Three)

From the barn to the cliffs, the group passed another section of town that had a large tavern and dance hall.

Maybe I should invite Angus to dance with me after we're done with this, Darlynn thought to herself as the group continued to ride through the rolling green hills.

During their trek, they also came across some kids that would draw close to them, only to run away. Somewhat cute, and somewhat annoying.

In the end, they left the kids behind as they forged ever closer to the griffons' nest.

As the cliff's edge came into sight, a griffon passed overhead and plunged downwards once they were past the edge.

Darlynn, Angus, and Odarod drew closer and could make out the sounds of a fight. At least one of the griffons was fighting someone or something.

Knowing that, the group quickly made their way down the cliff face. Lucky for them, the cliff was not nearly as sheer as the ones from earlier.

Rather, it had a natural staircase they could scale. It made the descent easier, even if some steps dropped down two or three feet to the next one.

Soon the party came to the source of the fight.

The purple tiefling they had heard about previously was fighting off three of the griffons while the fourth kept an eye on the newly arrived group.

Angus quickly acted to save the tiefling, he pulled out the wand he had been gifted and dimension doored down to where the purple tiefling was and brought her back to the rest of the group.

"Thanks, I'm Vi," she called out to them as she ran for cover. "Might want to get ready!"

The rest of the party scrambled for cover as the griffons chased after the two tieflings. Odarod wasn't far from where Vi was, while Angus stuck close to where Darlynn decided to shelter.

As soon as the group had found their footing and hunkered down, the griffons descended from the sky.

Two of which went after Vi, one aimed for Odarod, and the last decided to attack Darlynn and Angus. The group fought valiantly against the griffons as the griffons clawed at them.

Vi was at a disadvantage as she relied on her bow.

The griffons refused to give her enough distance to use it properly, while Angus skirted around the battlefield to provide aid where he could, whether that would be healing or a blessing.

He also called forth a powerful stream of lightning as he had down in the fight with the sirens, leaving two of the griffons heavily damaged.

Surprisingly, the tides of battle turned quickly as soon as the first griffon went down.

Darlynn had summoned forth the dark energy of her patron, and four black tendrils shot out from her shadow and grabbed hold of the griffon she was fighting.

Soon the shadows consumed the griffon, and all that was left of it was a pile of smokey, ash. As the beast was consumed by darkness, Darlynn looked stronger, healthier.

On the other side of the battlefield, Vi managed to flee the other griffons momentarily before being flanked on either side by them.

They attacked viciously, leaving grievous wounds on her flesh. As she was about to fall, an arrow flew from where Odarod stood and pierced one of the flanking griffon's eyes.

It pushed its way past the eye and embedded itself in the griffon's brain, causing it to fall dead.

Only two were left standing. One rushed Odarod as Vi fled, putting as much distance as she could between herself and it.

The second griffon decided to attack Darlynn and Angus after it watched its comrade fall.

It failed to hit Darlynn with its talons thanks to the illusion magic embedded into the cloak Angus had given her. Distracted by the hard-to-hit target, Angus managed to grab hold of the beast.

With his hands tightly grasping the griffon, electricity ran out from his fingertips causing the third of the griffons to fall. He then turned his attention to the final griffon.

The final griffon had taken down the purple tiefling before setting its sights on Odarod. As it did so, Angus rushed to aid his friend.

He healed the fallen tiefling with a touch of his hands and cast a healing word over the rundown Odarod before flanking the monstrous bird.

Each took their turns attacking as Darlynn ran up to where they fought. Another four tendrils shot forth and tried to take hold of the griffon.

Afraid that it too would be consumed, it took to the skies. Both Odarod and Vi missed their shots, while Angus was able to grab hold of the griffon's neck with an electric lure.

Stunned, Darlynn went in for the kill. She hexed the beast before two final tendrils of shadow shot out and grabbed hold of the griffon.

Hungry, the shadows crawled across the griffon's skin and consumed it, leaving nothing but ash.

The battle was finally over, and they had survived, even without Uruk. A sense of pride welled up in Darlynn. She was right. They didn't need him.

A sense of power filled her as the shadowy tendrils retreated back into her shadow.

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