Adventures of Terrimar: Session 25
Adventures of Terrimar: Session 25 d&d stories

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Everything's Better Down Where It's Wetter... 'Til Your Charm Free (Part 2)

A short story based on one of my D&D campaign's sessions.

Adventures of Terrimar: Session 25

Everything's Better Down Where It's Wetter... 'Til Your Charm Free (Part 2)

With a well-timed spell, Angus cast Darkness to blind and confuse the sirens. Some of the enemies were quicker on the draw than others and were able to take up arms against the adventurers.

A long battle ensued, filled with swords, spells, spears, and claws.

Fire, lightning, and magic missiles soared through the underwater battlefield to barrage the scaley fiends as the spellcasters kept their distance.

Claws, hammers, and swords clashed as Uruk and Odarod faced the sirens in more direct combat. During the fight, the sirens once again tried to enthrall the lovely heroes, but to no avail.

They were now immune to their songs of control and were able to fight back with everything they had.

As sirens fell, one after another, those that remained tried to flee, each time meeting an even more grizzly fate as spells would burn and swords would cleave.

These sirens' last moments were ones filled with fear and terror.

As the last of the sirens fled, Angus grabbed Uruk and used his Wand of Escape to cut her off. The two stepped through a dimensional door and cornered the remaining siren.

Angus grappled the fearful siren as Uruk made several more cuts to the siren's chest, magic missiles rained down from behind, and the final blow came from Odarod who cast Toll the Dead.

Whatever shred of life remained in this siren slipped out of her grasp, and the enemies now floated in the underwater grotto, defeated.

Now, with a moment to breathe and collect themselves,

Darlynn looked around the area and inspected the bodies while Odarod went to free their fallen comrade's lifeless body from the pillar of stone in the center of the sunken grotto.

With the adrenaline no longer flowing through their veins, the water grew ice cold. Their lives were safe for now, all but Soulfire's that is.

Knowing that their friend was not just missing, but dead added to the encroaching cold. Not only their bodies, but their souls had frozen over.

A few moments of silence were spared for the young siren, their pink-haired friend before she was left to drift in the depths of the sea.

The party had had enough. Exhausted - both physically and emotionally drained - the Defenders of Avalon made their way to shore. There was no sense in sticking around.

Plus, who knew if more sirens were lurking somewhere beneath the waves. There was no guarantee that the ones they had slain were all there were, and they weren't about to take any more chances.

They had lost more than enough friends for the night - perhaps for a lifetime.

Somberly, the group left the grotto. It now belonged to the dead, and they belonged with the living.

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