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The beginning of the year long war between all Pokémon types. This is the story of the Corviknight overlord himself, Califern.


He sat there, his Corvisquire face scrunched in disgust as he darted his eyes across the main plaza of the Galar region.

Perched on the high windmills, Carlifern continued ogling at the ongoing day of socialization and the usual frolick of other Pokemon.

How gross, he thought as his beak started to frown. Why would anyone want to associate themselves with a bunch of no-good, annoying little...

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone hiss at his direction. Slowly turning his head to see what could possibly be, he noticed a burly Sirfetch'd with a leak in hand.

Califern might have been thinking too loud, but this might be over a different matter. The Sirfetch'd stalked closer to him as he brandished his weapon.

"How long are you planning to just sit here, Cali?" He asked.

"These pathetic creatures," Califern muttered under his breath, his feathers ruffling aggressively as he eyed the streets of Galar.

He turned to his friend Screech, who was also hiding something behind his back.

While they were busy sitting on the roofs and windmills of the entire town, the busy wind of the afternoon air ruffled their smooth feathers, while also carrying Califern's words heavily.

Meanwhile, Screech handed this odd object to the Corvisquire and tied it onto his back. With careful ease, the Sirfetch'd tied the knot securely onto Califern while also patting his back gently.

"Dewdrop wants this delivered to her near the Sargassum," he said. "Make sure no one sees you."


Califern carefully made his way to the streets of Hammerlocke on his travel to the Sargassum bay for this supposedly illegal delivery, his wings fluttering past the cold, crispy wind.

The feeling of his armor-like feathers were cutting through the air as he silently flew to his destination.

These idiots down below won't notice me with this object on my back, he thought happily.

While no one else could see him soaring through the air stealthily, he slowly drifted off into his own, little world where everything went his way.

Califern wanted the world to be perfect, and by perfect, he meant separated.

Each Pokemon type kept to their own kind, and those who were mixed would be eradicated with no mercy.

That was his wish, his dream, and his whole personality to make Galar great again, as he claimed. He wanted to feel special deep down, which is a lovely sentiment not all Pokemon get.

"Hey! You there!" Unfortunately Galar was not too perfect... yet. Califern stopped flying as he landed onto an empty bench, waiting for the voice to go away.

He could already see, from the distance, a horrifying little Frosmoth flying along with him.

Califern grumbled angrily as his eyes started glowing a deep red. These Galarian numbskulls don't know when to quit.

This ice moth started to take a seat beside him, with a bright smile on her face.

"You must be Califern, right?"

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