Whose wings are better?
Whose wings are better? wings stories

mochiboo2 Looking for constructive criticism
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Whose wings are better?

*note that the wings that alters have are symbolic and show growth as they find who they are as time goes by. This means each alter EARNS their own wings over time. Each alter's wings are unique and special. Wings also tend to show each alter's personalities by how they look.*

So... Whose wings are better? I will add more art of each alter with their wings, but for now, I have drawn Charlie and Jorge with their wings so far bc wings are hard to draw, and I'm lazy. Anyway, whose are better out of Charlie and Jorge?

Those are their symbolic wings! Whose are better looking? Fact: Jorge's wings have holes to symbolize his emotional trauma Fact: Charlie was the first alter to earn his wings, but another alter ripped them out of his back. Don't worry though, he's better now.

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