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Short story is this even thriller? stories

mochiboo2 Looking for constructive criticism
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Short story

This is a short story I made from the word 'crossroad' Enjoy

John was perfectly content with his simple life in Clearwood, good job, best friend Madison, his life seemed perfect. That is... Until Madison went missing. There were many rumors as to her disappearance, but only one was true. You see, Madison's cat ran away. Madison searched and searched for the lost feline with no luck. Until she discovered the abandon crossroads.

Madison had no idea who she saw- what she saw... But she was never seen again. Until John wandered upon the abandon crossroads. John stepped onto the old tracks and scanned his surroundings. It seemed as if no one used the crossroads in years, yet John still heard the hum of a train. He turned his head to see a train.

An old train rushing so fast, so incredibly quick that John didn't see it coming until it was too late. The train disappeared as silently as it had arrived. Gone. John was never seen again.

That was not my best work but hope you liked it anyways -Mochiboo2

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