Update On 'Stay', and a Thank You. (by me, as Jimin) Lol
Update On 'Stay', and a Thank You.

(by me, as Jimin) Lol bts stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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heeeeeyyyyy. some fun for everyone.

Update On 'Stay', and a Thank You. (by me, as Jimin) Lol

Sup guys! mochi-jiminie here again! I want to say that I have taken on two co-writers the past week or two for 'Stay'. One is my figurative daughter: @thatclassicarmy, and the other is a person who has been following and commenting and making me happy all the time now: @jikookisreal

I wanna thank my Tae, (@jikookisreal is Tae. whenever I refer to Tae I mean them okay?) I wanna thank Kookie, (@misalisaa is Jungkook in my group, also referencing towards them when I say Kook, Kookie, K, or Jungkook)

I wanna thank my possible Suga, who has helped in my inspo for this fan fiction. (@august_d may or MAY NOT be Suga. we have yet to rope her in on our shenanigans). lol As of now, me, Tae, and Jungkook are hanging about. We have yet to be certain on a Suga, and we still need to find J-Hope, Namjoon, and Jin.

and as the good little mochi I am. . . I am going to work on 18 today.

(18 as in the episode guys. lol)

If you, Tae and my loving daughter, wanna DM me now or later. . . that'd be great. K?

I'm already plotting on what I will do to Yoongi in ep. 18. LOL

See ya guys!!

"I didn't realize. . . it wasn't gum." - Jimin

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