The growth of my love
The growth of my love love stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Here's a poem I wrote today guys. Hope you like it.

The growth of my love

I stand in the midst, of the Evergreen trees.

Towering above, in large clumps of three.

I breathe in deep, feeling the love in great size.

Seeing your face, with its lovely blue eyes.

Your touch is of ferns, soft and light.

It makes my heart flutter, about to take flight.

My love is immense, as true as can be.

Your voice is like honey, dripped into tea.

The growth of my love, as big as this wood.

My heart swelling full, from all of your good.

Your hair that of fire, like vibrant Fall leaves.

My soul falling for you, high from the eaves.

They race through as colors, fast in my mind.

The feelings I have for you, because you're so kind.

The growth of my love, larger than a Sycoia.

Filling me full, just because I know ya.

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