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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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I went on a trip on Sunday. Hung out with friends around a fire. Teenagers are great. Lol. Here's a poem I wrote while there.

The Fire Inside

It's hot and flaming, the fire so bright.

Teething and sparking, enchanting me tight.

They dance and engulf, orange mixed with red.

Climbing and eating, consuming its bed.

My eyes lit with flame, sparkle and shine.

The fiery embers, almost just mine.

The coals are pure timber, long ago dead.

Black as the night, melted like lead.

The logs they smoke briskly, writhing to the sky.

The flame horrid and hot, burning like lye.

It does away cold, the fire and flame.

Like in the future I shall be, a digested piece of pie.

I am left in the dark, no light of heat.

My heart small and withered, tiniest of beat.

I sigh and move away, happy it was.

Hoping tomorrow there'll be another, simply just because.

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