Stay (Prologue)

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Maybe? Idk. I'm trying something new. Please help and support. Lol. My friends are already doing that. Thanks @seonghwatiny!

Stay (Prologue)

I look at Yoongi, him asleep with his head on Joon's lap, Hoseok texting on his phone. He himself lays lazily across my couch, Tae yawning absently while flipping channels. Tae looks up from the screen to me, "what's wrong NOW Jimin?" He asks irritated.

I stop biting my thumb nail, furrowing my eyebrows, and ruffle my powder blue hair. "Nothing really. Just wondering where the heck Kook is. He and Jin were getting takeout." Tae rolls his eyes. "oh shut up Jimin. They're fine." He smiles, red hair gleaming.

I sigh, sitting quietly on the floor with my knees pressed to my forehead. It's almost two AM, and Kook hasn't gotten back yet. What if Jin took him from me? I shake my head. That's stupid. Jin's Mr popular or whatever, but he wouldn't do that.

My heart crashes through my chest as Jin and Kook break through the door. Bags of food piled in their arms precariously as Kook kicks the apartment door closed behind. I immediately stand from the floor and stumble over to Kookie, relieving him of his bag.

"You took forever K." I frown, leaning my head against his chest. Nearly crushing the bag. Jin rolls his eyes. "We were only gone for twenty minutes Jimin. Chill." he laughs. I blink my eyes multiple times. "Really? Only twenty?" I sigh. Breathing in Kook's scent.

Tae laughs haughtily and looks at his watch. "Yup. Only twenty. Did you think he died?" I shrug, pulling away from my Kookie and setting the heavy bag on the coffee table. "You're a sucker for Kook, Jimin." Hoseok grins, starting to open the bag.

Joon shoves Yoongi's head off his lap, the poor dude nearly tipping off the couch. "I'm starved. You took forever Kook." N winks at me. Eyes lit with good humor. Kookie pulls me into his arms, my back pressed up against his front everywhere.

"Gee thanks Joon. You suck." I roll my eyes. I love this guy wholeheartedly. And I'll ALWAYS stay.

Thanks for reading this!

"I didn't realize. . . that it was gum." - Jimin

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