Stay (Episode Twenty-Two)
Stay (Episode Twenty-Two) bangtan stories

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part 22. lol

Stay (Episode Twenty-Two)

I turn off the faucet, the remaining water dripping from my hair into my eyes. I shake my head and step from the curtain-less shower staggering in the bedroom. I sneeze and rub water from my sore eyes, my skin still wet despite the warm room.

Once I blink multiple times and squint at the bed, I see Jungkook holding out a towel. I run my hands through my hair and walk to him, starting to reach for it. He snags it away with a smirk and pulls me closer by the hips, planting a kiss on my lower abdomen.

I stroke back his hair as he dries my hair first while sitting on the bed before me, working down. I twine my fingers into Kookie's hair as he gets to my feet before wrapping the towel around me. Hooking his hands into the damp fabric to pull me onto his lap, the towel around my waist.

He wraps my legs around his waist as I sit on his thighs, putting my arms around his neck. He buries his face in my damp neck, breathing in my watery smell as I lean into him. He pulls me against him gently by the waist, making me whine slightly.

"Jiminie. . ." he whispers. The sound of my pet name sending shivers up my bare spine. The thing about Yoongi is. . . he never made my pants tight. Or in this case my towel. Like Kook is right now. "What?" I ask with heavy lids, pressing into him a pinch more.

"Jiminie, we need to talk about New York my love. . ." Jungkook moans into me. I groan annoyed. "Kookie. . . I don't exactly know alright? I just THOUGHT I wanted him." Kookie sighs while pulling back from me. "So what happened? what the heck made it HAPPEN?"

I unwrap my legs and move off him, throwing my towel into the corner of the room angrily. Crossing to our dresser I pull out a pair of sweats and quickly tug them on, tying them fluidly. I stand in my bare feet and bare upper-half. "I don't know okay?"

Jungkook stands up in his entire array of pajamas. "It is NOT okay Jiminie." I feel tears prick my eyes. "Look, I didn't mean to wrong you. Suga forced my hand." Kookie stands in front of me, his tattoos showing on his lean arms. "Forced you?"

I mumble to the floor. "He pinned me against the door, shoved his knee against me K." Jungkook looks at me sad. "Then I am sorry. Yoongi should've left you alone then." I nod and he lifts my head by my chin absently, looking into my eyes deeply. "But, you're mine, Jimin. . ."

Then he kisses me in his protective and gentle way, pulling me against him. I sigh deeply and settle into him, feeling that tightness again but in a safe way. Not dangerous or risky. I know we will always be. (Just me and Kookie).

I kiss him deeper as we stumble towards the bed, heated and anxious and mildly upset. He tilts himself against me and I smile. Pushing him down onto the mattress so I straddle him. "I love you Jungkook. . ." I breathe. Him arching against me. Undoing my pants' laces.

Thanks for reading.

"I didn't realize. . . that it was gum." - Jimin

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