Stay (Episode Twenty-Five)
Stay (Episode Twenty-Five) bangtan stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Part 25!!! Lol. Im upping the likes from twenty to thirty at least before I continue.

Stay (Episode Twenty-Five)

Joon takes me to the hospital, where I wait for Kookie in the waiting room. Miserable. (If you hadn't led Suga on. . . he wouldn't be in the darned coma!) I start to cry. Joon is with Yoongi in the room across from where I sit, and everyone but Kook is in there.

I don't deserve to go in there. I never will deserve it ANYTIME soon. I put my head in my hands. Jungkook pushes through the doors down the hall, and so much dread washes over I rise. I start walking away down the hall, listening as he gives chase after. "Jimin! Stop!" He yells.

My shoulders shake with quiet sobs as I glance back, my eyes puffy and hair messed about. I stumble onwards still. My ashen insides still that murky puddle of guilt and sorrow. Evil. Wandering sideways I push into a maintenance stairwell, nearly falling down the stairs.

Jungkook appears and grabs my arm before I can though, spinning me around. "Jimin, it wasn't your fault! Yoongi was drunk man!" He says upset. Voice echoing. I twist my arm away and take a step back, feeling like a thorn on a rose. Injuring others.

"It IS! JUNGKOOK!" I very much scream at him. His eyes clouded with sadness over me. He takes a step forwards and pins me against the white concrete wall. My eyes wide. "Shut up. . . Suga should've never came after you Jimin. He was too desperate."

"I led him on with a false hope, I . . . I put him in a COMA Kookie." I sob now. Despairing. Jungkook just leans forward, fitting his mouth against mine savagely. So different for him. I cant respond, my breath is wicked away. And as Kookie sees my puzzled face, he answers it before I can ask.

"I am taking your pain. . ." He shudders. Sliding his arms up the back of my shirt. I feel immense security and rage at the same time. "Then take it all. . ." I breathe out. On command he obliges, lifting me up and shoving me into the wall. My legs working their way around his waist.

He kisses me hard, Running his tongue throughout my mouth and then neck as well. I moan and gasp at once, moving against him with a leaned back head. He pushes back into me, us melding as one against the stairwell wall in heated passion.

I claw his back and grind against him, wanting my brain to shut up already. Kookie only growls, trying so much for me I start to bruise even while tightened. I whimper between our kisses, tears pouring again. Feeling such emotion I hurt everywhere.

I arch my back and can't take anymore, my body shaking and tired with the climax. Kookie only leans against me dead weight. Feeling everything I do right now. "I love you Jiminie. No matter what happens." He sighs against me, drenched in sweat.

"I need to see him. I need closure." I groan, Jungkook kissing my neck and cheeks. "Okay." He says in a whisper. Letting me wrap my arms around his neck tiredly. He carries me away from the wall, out the stairwell, all the way to Suga. . . who is still motionless.

Thanks for reading.

- Jimin

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