Stay (Episode Seven)
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part 7! we are making progress. lol. any ideas from you guys is considered and thanked for.

Stay (Episode Seven)

The plane ride is muggy, and the city of New York is crowded. Making me nervous. Kook squeezes my thigh, reassuring me somewhat. "It'll be alright, babe." he whispers. I push hair from my eyes, glancing at him from under the brim of my hat.

"They're looking up to us you know. TXT that is. What if I screw up the song?" Kook looks flabbergasted. "Which one you singing tomorrow?" I sigh. "Serendipity." I look at him pleadingly. "I'm gonna hurl, Kookie."

Jungkook leans me forwards and runs his knuckles up and down my spine. I moan. "Now I really feel unwell." I gasp, staggering to my feet and to the plane's bathroom. Once inside I kneel on the floor, a knock coming from the door just outside.

"Jimin-ssi? You alright my hyung?" K asks, putting his head through the cracked door. I breathe in deep, feeling his consoling fingers massage the back of my neck. Easing me. At some point the door is opened, and Jungkook is pressed into me in the small area.

"I'm fine." I shudder, me sitting between his legs in an imaginary cage of Jungkook. Namjoon knocks on the door and halfway enters. (There's not enough room for three). "Hey guys? Not to ruin, whatever-this-is, but the host we are meeting has news."

"What news?" Jungkook asks, Namjoon sighing while glancing back at Yoongi who watches. "There's been an add-on to our competition." Joon groans, rubbing his eyes irritated. "What's the add-on?" I ask, feeling faint and putting my hand on Jungkook's chest.

Yoongi walks over and shoves J out of the way. "Those schisty idiots at HQ invited ATEEZ." Then. . . THEN. . . I lean forwards and puke, spewing ramen and egg onto the floor. There's protests amongst the group in the bathroom and out. Most speaking fast Korean.

Jungkook whispers something to Joon, the boy turning around and closing the door behind him. "Jimin. . ." Jungkook sighs, kneeling over me again, my back pressing into his chest. "You will do fine tomorrow. trust me, hyung." he coos, stroking my head slowly.

I breathe in a shuddering breath, feeling his warmth seep into me. "Thanks." I whisper. I feel K shift, and he tugs me onto his lap, burying his face in my neck where he kisses me. I hold my breath as the plane rocks sideways, throwing us both across the floor.

We are laughing by time Jin opens the door and tells us we are landing now. Fear and my blood pressure spike through the cabin roof. Oh gosh I'm gonna die. The only that thing that holds me grounded though, is Jungkook's hand in mine.

Thanks for reading!

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