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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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First day at the Pacific ocean! Here ya guys go! Please comment and like hopefully??

Have You Been?

Have you been to the ocean?

I have.

I stood in the beach at the precipice of the water.

The waves are tall and short and inbetween. Lapping at the beach to suck shell bits and sand into it's depths.

I watch the foam which reminds me of a post I put here. About how the crests are purple.

In the hue of the afternoon if really was. A really light lavender.

My feet dig into the sand and I wobble with vertigo of the tide as I walk along the shell ridden bank.

This is my second time in Florida. My second time seeing the ocean.

The majestic Pacific.

Now let me ask this question. . .

Have you been?

Where the clouds are fluffy and full.

Where tonight lightning flashes but no rain pours.

Where the sound of insects is plentiful like the coconuts.

Have you been. . .

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