Grateful for the wings...

Grateful for the wings... gratitude stories
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moccathunder Community member
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I'm grateful for life,

Grateful for the wings...

I'm grateful for the wings that lift me up... ... soaring above the rest

I'm grateful for the beak that holds things in... ...sleeping in the nest

I'm grateful for the trunk that trumpets... ... scaring away my foe

I'm grateful for the wooden shafts... ... that help me make my bow

I'm grateful for these fluorescent lights... ... now I can see in the dark

I'm grateful for the length of my neck, ... now I don't have to eat bark!

I'm grateful for my big fat flippers... ...propelling me through the sea

I'm grateful that we have freedom of speech, ... so I can just be me.

I'm sure we're grateful for a lot of things. But many we take for granted.

Notice the small things...

And be grateful for them too!

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