~~ whispers of the wind~~

       ~~ whispers of the wind~~ hope stories

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The wind and it's thoughts, accompanied by beautiful imagery.

~~ whispers of the wind~~

day one.

It's a quiet whisper as it blows across my face Hush, it speaks, nothing to fear

day two.

The golden corn whistles with secrets as old as time, rustling in the breeze. Be still, it soothes, the best is yet to come.

day three.

The wave crests and breaks with grace, water dancing, a zephyr of wind at it's back. Look, it points, the shore is approaching.

day four.

It's a force of nature as it beats the sand, the waves crash again and a gale force wind flattens the seafront grass. Now there, it chides, be good and you will see wonders.

day five.

The petal barely quivers as it lays on top the pond, the vapour is thick in the air. Get ready, a breath of air warns, the storm is nearly upon us.

day six.

The water rages onwards, frightened of the hurricane-like wind that drives it, the waves grow ever larger. It's not over yet, the wind howls, the worst is yet to come.

day seven.

The storm brews in the heavens, and sleet falls from above, mixing with the wind that howls and accompanies, it is never satisfied. Be warned, bellows it, we will not surrender our grip.

day eight.

And then it stops, the rain ceases to fall and the clouds recede. I'm okay now, it whispers, you're okay.

It rustles quietly, in the last orange rays the day, calm in the wake of the storm. Hush, it whispers, nothing to fear now.

Passion led us here, murmurs the wind in the sky. And passion will continue to lead us, mutters the wind in the alleys. In an endless cycle of beautiful happenings, whispers the wind in the trees, dancing to a song no one can hear...

The end...

at least for now...

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