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mnhairie Community member
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This poem is inspired by a poem called "The Poison Tree". My teacher asked us to write a poem to our enemy, so I wrote this.

You Said

by mnhairie

You said "How to do this", If I don't, you'll blitz, You're extremely brash, Everything you said is only trash.

You said "How to do that", If I don't, you'll get mad, When you need help, you call me friend, Your complaints, never seem to end.

You said "Help me with this", I did, eventhough you didn't say "please", I thought you know how to do that task, But you're too lazy, so you decided to ask.

You said "Look at what I've got", I know you like to be the hotshot, I'm not jealous, but the anger, the thirst to curse, If I was the death angel, I know whose like I'll take first.

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