Fuck You & Your Buick too
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Something I wrote a little over a year ago — after my first real partner (of a year) ended things without any warning. Not even a week prior, he had introduced me as his future wife @ his family reunion.

We have to love ourselves so that we can heal from the moments where other people don’t love us back.

Fuck You & Your Buick too

it makes it worse

the not knowing

the constant question of whether or not it was my fault

whether or not it was me

you don't want to be alone with me

you don't know the things that I can't unsee

i'm losing strength in recovery

you don't know the ways that i'm killing me

i'm drowning in my own mistakes and I can't fight my way to the surface

i'm drained and shredded

washed up and i'm dreading

all of the things you never meant

but said to me with what I thought was love

you may not know it

but you left me for her

it was her

I know it

everyone sees it

why the fuck can't you

It was a sun-shower

brief, refreshing, and mesmerizing

I wake up every morning with a sharp pain in my side

I walk alone in the daylight just to try and blind my mind

sometimes it's better to pretend

ignore the incoming end

it's simpler


but pretending can only take you so far

before it rips through your veins

runs through your arms

scratching from the inside out

the overwhelming end

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