The beauty of art.
 The beauty of art.

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mmg Change the world with love not power.
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People tend to think that art is some kind of showpiece but forget to look at the beauty of art. This poem shows the beauty of art that most of us don’t see or realize.

The beauty of art.

The colors that show the beauty, the white canvas becomes bright when colors are splattered on it. Mixing different shades and getting a new shade is amazing.

Bringing the beauty of the world into a white board and hanging it in a wall, and the brightness that hits the boring wall, Just melts the heart of all people.

Pouring a variety of shades into the canvas without any idea, and we end up getting a beautiful abstract painting. This is the beauty of art, and art doesn’t only show the beauty of the world, It also shows the beauty inside us.

While working on a masterpiece painting all our problems, fears, troubles flow away, just like the flow of the colors. Art takes us to the world of beauty, and we forget all the fights, conflicts and issues that are happening between humans.

Art unites us together, just like the mixing of different colors. Art teaches us to see the beauty in everything, and if you can’t see the beauty in something, just make it beautiful.

This is the beauty of art, and not everyone can master it, but a person who see’s the beauty in everything can surely master it. This is the beauty of art.

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