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The BlacK Rose



There was no room for sadness, regret, anger, or tears.

The time for games was over. Nothing he had experienced before mattered anymore and Dylan knew it. The funeral would be on the same day.

All the heads of households and those who matter would be there, ready to slaughter themselves for power and she would be there, present and impassive as her father wanted,

to become the head of that damned circus that was the Black Rose of New York.

But no one could imagine her, the hidden and lifelong daughter of Maximilian Carter, the most feared boss of New York. By her express will, the power would go to her, and no one would agree.

That's why she would have played the surprise card to figure out who to trust, and who instead she would have to get rid of practically and quickly.

New York in the rain was more chaotic than usual. She hadn't been there since, at the age of ten, her father decided to send her to Scotland to keep her safe.

The only thing that could keep her alive or at least get her through adolescence was an entire ocean.

The decision had been made without her having a say; besides, she was just a little girl who loved her dad and who took every single thing he said to her literally.

This was more or less until her fifteenth birthday when assassins found her and tried to kill her.

At that moment he realized that his father was no mere businessman and that the distillery he owned on the Isle of Islay in Scotland was not his main business.

It was from that day that he understood the reason for all the mixed martial arts training, archery lessons, and subsequent lessons at the shooting range.

Following her in this hard training was Reed, the only friend, and teacher she had grown up, to whom she had entrusted control over the distillery now that she would take over New York.

Dylan did not want to reveal any signs of vulnerability, as his father had recommended every time they spoke. "Remember Dylan, that power and money tempt. They lure until they get blood to flow.

A lot of blood .." He lit a cigarette, thinking about those words.

- "Park there, on the corner where that room is. The families will gather right after the funeral is over. And I'll welcome them." Dylan said to his driver, Roger.

She didn't know much about him, except that her father had assured her he wouldn't endanger her.

He finished the cigarette in a short time; perhaps because of that slight anxiety of screwing everything up, or of not being able to manage everything.

He got out of the car at exactly 10:35 am and entered the club. Without too much trouble, he went to the office of the manager, John Wallace, who was amazed when he saw her.

- "Rosa? It's been so long. Your father told me you would come back, but I didn't think you really would."

Dylan tried to hide his annoyance at being called like his mother, and remained impassive, sitting in John's seat.

- "Well John, this is family business, and it's okay for the family to take it in hand, isn't it? Besides, it was time for a change of scenery. Reed asked me to send you a hello.

And my father asked me to kill you for him."

John laughed, thinking that those words could only be a joke. Yet Dylan seldom joked, and never about business. Nonchalantly he pulled his 9mm out of his bag.

- "I don't understand, your father and I were on excellent terms ..." the man who was walking away from the girl at the sight of the gun said in a slightly shrill voice.

- "But you talked too much. But don't worry, it's an easily solvable problem. But first, we'd make everyone else understand it too."

Without hesitation Dylan fired a shot in the shoulder, knocking the man down. He passed out after a few minutes from blood loss or more likely from shock.

The adrenaline of the moment sent an electric shock throughout her body, which she felt every time she pulled the trigger on a weapon.

A month before Maximilian Carter's death, the daughter received a letter, to avoid being tracked, in which her father informed her of the most complicated situations.

As if that weren't enough, the situation would be very controversial when she arrived because a mole had been discovered in the business,

exchanging information with rival families and occasionally with the police. Sadly, the mole was just John, and Dylan would use it to make it clear that he doesn't fuck with the Carters.

It was time to reign with an iron fist, trying to protect not only the business but also the commercial relationships that were at stake.

Dylan lit another cigarette just as someone entered the main door of the club.

She didn't move: she knew exactly that they were going to go into the office to read her father's will, but little did they know that it was her.

- "The will should be in the second ... And who would you be? Turn around.

" As she heard the sound of the gun ready to fire, Dylan turned to face the man, exhaling the nicotine and putting out his cigarette.

- "In the second drawer of the desk, hidden in the secret compartment. To unlock it you need the fingerprint of whoever will take over the affairs. Dylan Carter. Do you know who he is?"

The four men in the room looked at each other in confusion. They didn't understand what the girl meant. On the other hand, Maximilian had never mentioned that name to them.

The only ones who knew of Dylan's existence were Reed, John, and his father's right-hand man who at the time was taking care of transporting the body to the family grave.

There were also no photos or other clues of a daughter or son.

"Of course not. It wasn't your concern until now. With Maximilian's death, the only person worth taking over the whole business is his daughter. Me."

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