To My Over Stepping Shit Talkin Sibling
To My Over Stepping Shit Talkin Sibling sibling rivalry stories

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Dear Brother, the Business Invader, As evidenced by drastic and unnecessary actions taken towards me, my life and my child in an attempt to break up my family union or declare me unlawful and unfit,

To My Over Stepping Shit Talkin Sibling

Dear Brother, the Business Invader,

As evidenced by drastic and unnecessary actions taken towards me, my life and my child in an attempt to break up my family union or declare me unlawful and unfit,

I have been forced to question your presumption of having any authority or business dealing in matters of my life.

You have responded with your reasoning which reckons that mom and dad are your business and therefore any and all matters involving mom or dad become matters designated as your business

by default or association or whatever stretch of the imagination you have rendered adequate enough to not be in the wrong.

However, by your own design, all matters involving mom and dad becoming your business for the mere fact that you are a product of this union, also applies to myself, under the same principal.

I too am a product of their union and will maintain that they both are my business as well, thus concluding that any and all matters involving mom or dad are also now, by default,

matters requiring my business association. So basically, if my business is your business, then your business is my business.

In association with aforementioned actions and as evidenced by your penchant for coming to extreme baseless conclusions without any efforts for fact checking or gathering of witness testimony,

you have demonstrated your desire to insert yourself directly into my personal ventures and assume position at the helm without a Captain's license,

compass or any working knowledge of the vessel taken hostage.

Evidently, your ticket to ride is validated by your theory of business designated yours by association of the parental unit.

Ergo, I will validate my ticket for immediate entrance to your circus show.

My ticket was purchased from the same monopoly money funding your efforts and secured by the dna residing in my cellular make up, providing proof of life fueled by both mom and dad.

Therefore, in order to verify that my business in your business is thorough and sound, I will do my research and fact find as well as conduct interviews needed for verification and authenticity.

This pursuit of truth is primarily conducted so that I can make any recommendations or alert any agencies necessary as mandated by my findings and complete discovery processes.

With that being said, I will require evidence of all agreements, loans, donations,

contracts and financial coordinating efforts made between you and our mother since the initial acquisition of your position as assistant manager of the family business up to the current date.

Please include all properties rented, acquired, bought, given or assumed that are associated with yourself, mom and the trust.

Monies and property given to, bought by or donated by mom or dad to you must be disclosed as well.

All promises of future gifts, loans, business ventures, ideas or properties changing hands including the international estates are requested in detail with proposed dates of completion.

Despite my not having your extensive resources of hidden video to audit and edit for my benefit,

I will opt out of a pursuit to attack your parenting exploits for I have core values that prevent me from deranged piracy and unethical mongering.

Finally, any and all slander made against myself and/or my offspring and situations pertaining to must be disclosed in full detail,

accompanied by any evidence and/or proof attempting to be passed off as factual contributions to the credibility of your allegations.

All attempts, regardless of absurdity, made towards validation or verification of all allegations must be included, even at the risk of exposing your stupidity.

There is no room for vanity when matters of the offspring are involved. Please include all assumptions and theories as well, as anything and everything gets tossed in this salad.

So all ingredients will be demanded. Any rumors received and distributed that come first or second hand need be disclosed as well as their originators with sources to boot.

Thank you for sharing your business and I am sure your gratitude for the assuming of my business is evident and expressed internally.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to reading your positive review on yelp.

Most Sincerely,

Sister Stabbed in the Back

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