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A humanoid rabbit wakes up in the middle of nowhere. She knows everything about humans but doesn't know who she is and how she got this knowledge.


Infinity - Chapter 1

((Hi I'm new here and I saw that stories were pretty short. So I kinda decided that everything I'll post will be chapters of a big story.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that here but yeah, just saying. Hope you'll enjoy it!))

A silhouette got up from the ground. Looking around, she didn't know where she was or how to get out of this empty space. Everything was blank.

No grounds, no walls and no ends what is this place? No answers, nothing, just white.

"Where am I?" she asked herself.

She started thinking about it. The only thing she knew was how to walk, talk, well everything. The only thing she didn't know was who she was.

She didn't have any name, age, or family, she had nothing.

The lady started walking in front of her, hoping she could find something interesting.

After about half an hour of walking, nothing came and she started to slow down. She then looked around and sighed. This place was huge and empty.

Bein the only person here, she felt a huge wave of loneliness. The lady sat down and waited. Maybe someday, something will appear.

"If only I had someone to talk with. . . A brother for example. . ."

A pink flash "poofed" behind her. Surprised, she jumped on her fluffy legs and turned around. She was now facing a dog. A red canine as dark as wine and indigo fur covered his body.

His eyes were orange, a nice tone of this color, almost like the fruit. He was tall, maybe around 6' feet or more.

"W-Who are you? the lady asked the dog.

- I-I don't know, who are y-you? he stutters.

The lady thought for some minutes.

- I don't have any clues either.

- You're a bunny, right? asked the dog.

She examined her body.

- I guess so? (She then looked up at him) And you're a dog. . .

He also examined his body.

- Yeah . . .?

They both look at each other, a bit confused. They were both alone in an empty space without anything else to do. The dog sat down, smiling happily, he looked at her.

- We should try finding ourselves a name!

The bunny girl sat down in front of him and smiled.

- Yeah could be fun and we'll know how to call each other.

The dog's tail was waving with happiness.

- I like those human names. . . Jayson and Xander. . . he thinks out loud.

The bunny started thinking about mixing those names.

- Jaxa? Xaysoner? Ja. . . Jader? Jada? Jadaxa? Xanason? she suggests.

- Hol' up, what did you say? Ja...

- Jada? Jader? Jadaxa-

- Yes, the second one! he cuts her sentence. Jader, I love it, that's my new name!

- Jader? Awesome haha!

- We need to find you one, are there any human names you like?

The bunny girl started thinking about it.

- I like Mel and that's mostly it but I don't wanna be named Mel.

The male started to think, grabbing his chin with his hand/paw.

- Mel. . . Mellie? Mel . . . Me. . . Meeeeee? Mee- MEELU! he exclaims.

The bunny looks at him, amazed by the sound of it and she nods. He approached his paw and shakes the bunny's tiny paw compared to him.

- Hi, I'm Jader!

- I'm Meelu, nice to meet you."

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