Utgarda-Loki’s Challenge
Utgarda-Loki’s Challenge norse mythology stories

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A poetic take on the Norse legend of Utgarda-Loki's challenge

Utgarda-Loki’s Challenge

It began in a bid to protect their fame

Each man sat down and spouted a claim

Loki went first and swore he could eat

Whatever such food as was put at his feet

He raced against Logi but to his disdain

Nothing can eat faster than can a flame

Thjalfi bone-breaker stepped up to the base

He swore that he had the quickest of pace

From the starting block he ran against Hugi

His feet were swift but he was unlucky

He came in, ashamed, in second place

Nothing’s fast as a thought for winning a race

Thor perused the room and so bid “I think,

I cannot be beat when it comes to the drink!”

He drank from the great horn and gulped all he could

He drank two more times but it did him no good

Though he gave up, and his heart it did sink

The sea he had drunk from had started to shrink

He would not be beaten, he still wanted more

The giant looked wary and opened a door

There stood a great cat that he could not lift

He strained and he pushed but the cat would not shift

Yet after a while he lifted one paw

“Tis Jormungandr” he did implore

“Very well”, Thor declared, “this cannot be right!”

So the giant suggested that this time he fight

a little old woman, Elli was her name

Who wrestled with Thor in spite of his fame

She beat him hands down, and so he was broken

He turned back to the giant with whom he had spoken

“Thor be not disheartened, if only you’ll see,

You were up against beings more mighty than me,

You raised the serpent up out of the depths

You fought with old age, and ultimately, death,

The liquid you drank, you drank from the sea

The sea level dropped, why, just look and see.

You three have played well, you have quite a knack.

Now leave, if you please. And never come back.”

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