Running in the rain
Running in the rain love/romance/college/university/young stories

mjt002 Community member
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It was not only the rain that wet her face ....

Running in the rain

She was running in the cold storm , gasping for air , but it was not the rain nor the tears that was choking her.

A whole mess of emotions were gushing her tears from her eyes and air from her lungs, shame, betrayal, hurt, abandoned, loneliness ... she couldn't even understand how she should feel now.

After 40 minutes or so.... she finally stopped, dropped on her knees bending over, to struggle for more air. Then she released a loud and long stifle sob amidst the chaotic raindrops.

She was taking all the time she needed to recollect her breath and sanity, before she stood up and walked back to her dormitory in the dark.

As she slammed the main entrance door, she heard the hallway clock stroke 12.

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