The Best Part Of My Nightmare
The Best Part Of My Nightmare depression stories

mjpaul You Don't Know Me.
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The best part of my nightmare

Song: Drifting By Nate Eiesland

The Best Part Of My Nightmare

The tears running down my face The beating of the drums in my head I can't breathe And my demons watch as I bleed

"Let me go!!" I screamed "Let me go, Please" I cried as I sank to the floor My blood swimming to the door It feels like I'm dying Anything is better than this

My legs can't hold me anymore My mind has no more thoughts My heart is stopping And my hands are dropping

My mind isn't here anymore I'm lost and I can't seem to find myself But I don't want to be found Why? Because they've made sure I don't have anything to live for

My heart is tearing itself apart And I watch myself as I drift away into the abyss I long for that darkness where I don't feel anything anymore Because I don't have anything to live for

And I lay on the ground Ready to take my last breath You looked at me with a sad smile on your face And I can't deny that I miss the feel of my hands on your waist And as the tears fall from my eyes I could see my life flash before me

And there I could see that all my life was a dream That last breath left me and I could feel as my soul left my body And I can see as you fall to the floor drowned in my blood screaming my name And then I think to myself "She's the best part of my nightmare

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