My Self Destructive Love for You.
My Self Destructive Love for You. toxic stories

mjpaul You Don't Know Me.
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A toxic type of love

My Self Destructive Love for You.

Too many times I wondered how my life would have been like with you in it So many hours I spent daydreaming about weddings I thought about my entire life with you Even our grandkids

Turns out I was just a fool They said love is blind but I didn't believe them Guess experience made me see hell

I thought I loved you But now I understand that we were never meant to be. There were so many signs and red flags that you'd hurt me Yet I shrugged it off afraid to let you be

I placed you above my whole world Above my family and friends Yet you continued to hurt me to no end. I was the one to clean you up after you'd come home drunk at 2 in the morning Even stitch you up after you'd pick fights without warning

You were spiraling into a deep dark place and you were dragging me along with you You were toxic But I was too blind to see it. Too many times I cushioned your fall Until someone else showed me that what we had wasn't love at all

How could I love someone and hurt myself in the process You weren't even on board with my success. You wanted to be stagnant, not moving at any time you wished. Just as long as it was with me

How could you say you love me when you were killing me in the process. Everyone warned me but you showed me what I wanted to see And you brought out the self destruction in me.

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