Finally, Peace
Finally, Peace love stories

mjpaul You Don't Know Me.
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"All I want is just peace of my turbulent mind" He says.
And he knows there is only one person that can give it to him

Finally, Peace

A golden star shone across the night sky And a tear fell off a lonely dark man Nothing could explain the immense joy he felt in his heart He'd done so many bad things

And he knew he wasn't worth it He had never experienced a love like this One so grandeur, one so powerful Love that didn't come with a price

He couldn't just explain it How someone could love you so much that nothing else mattered but you This was everything he'd been searching for his entire life If everything he did led up to this sweet dead end then he'd do it over and over again

He fell to his knees and he realized for the first time in forever He'd felt peace Unimaginable peace And that was his only heart's desire. Peace from the nightmares. Peace from the cries of pain by people he'd hurt Peace from the bloody dark cloud hanging over his head.

And as he gazed upon the golden star and the oddly bright moon that seemed to be smiling at him He knew He knew he'd been forgiven And he would never trade this his newfound peace for anything in the world Not Silver, Not Gold or anything else

And he got up With abundant joy in his heart And walked back home A New Man

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