A Tale of Two Lovers
A Tale of Two Lovers love stories

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A Tale of Two Lovers

A Tale of Two Lovers

"I like you better when it's pitch black" She says He could see the look on her face. "I like you better with the lights on" He said She could see his smile that wouldn't break

"It's my life and nobody's gonna live it for me" She said with a dance in her feet "It's my love and I'll give it to no one else but you" He said as he went on his knees

Two lovers collide, With the earth at their feet, And their father watches them with a smile on his cheeks, The love they had, So beautiful and sweet.

"But maybe this won't last forever Maybe it's just a dream" She replied with tears in her speech. "Then I'd gladly fall asleep" He said as he drew her in his deep

"Tell me a secret" She said with a twisted smile on her lips. "I am utterly, foolishly, wholeheartedly and completely in love with you" He'd said Her smile dropped and she ran faster than the wind

He caught up to her and wiped her tears "Why are you crying" He asked "How could you ever love someone like me" She screamed And the sky heard her cries and spilled out it's own

He smiled at her and kissed her like it was his last moment He tasted like strawberries and smelt like the rain She tasted like life and he couldn't feel the pain. He whispered into her ears and said "Because you're everything I could never be"

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