To Myself, 2007
To Myself, 2007 growth stories

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Writing this was actually more therapeutic than I thought it would be.

A letter to myself, 11 years ago (read: advice I still need NOW).

To Myself, 2007

No dream is too big; never be afraid to let your mind wander.

Never give up. The most important thing is to have goals: something to live for and to work towards. The process is both the journey and the reward.

Love is not some magical spell bestowed by your fairy godmother. It takes hard work and sacrifice, and it will come when you are ready. Love yourself first.

Explore. Incquire and inspire. Look within yourself, and don’t be afraid to be you.

Those whose prime years were in high school surely have sad years ahead of them.

You were wrong: you should’ve jumped off that cliff and into the pond below, after all.

Stay humble. Know that no person exists in a vacuum, and that everything you know could be taken from you in an instant.

Embrace your unique struggle. Growth requires pain.

Never judge or look down upon someone else. You know nothing of the complexity of the inner world they inhabit.

You are never too busy to help someone out, and never too poor to give back. Help make this world a better place than it was before you got here.

It’s a big world out there: don’t waste all your time living in your head.

Time is the most precious asset you own.

Reach out to someone every day. Your friends are your family, and your family needs you just as much.

If you don’t have health, you have nothing. Take care of yourself.

Create as much as you can. Do not take this privilege for granted.

All you are promised is now. Take a deep breath, and feel what is like to exist: to be alive. Every moment is a miracle.

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