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Are you chasing your own happiness, or a preconception of happiness created for you?


“You need to aim higher”, they told me.

But the higher you climb, the harder it gets to breathe. And they forgot to mention how lonely it is at the top.

Traversing the long and winding roads where no one else dares to go. Boldly ascending against the grueling elevation gains.

Creating foothold after foothold until, finally, the civilization as you know it is a mere speck on the horizon below.

The people you knew look like ants. You can’t even see them, but you feel their presence.

“But this is a great accomplishment”. That is what you tell yourself as you shove your flagpole into the dirt.

But you can’t quite shake the feeling that you’re missing out.

If you keep staring at the sky, you may miss what is in front of you. If you don’t take breaks or detours, then you miss the point of the journey.

All we have is now. To simply experience for what it is.

“I’d rather inspire”, I said in reply.

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