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You are my favorite drug.

I’m wandering an endless labyrinth of smoke-filled rooms.


I’m wandering an endless labyrinth of smoke-filled rooms

Simultaneously trying to find my way out and nurse my wound,

the cigarette burn that you left in mind.

I am intoxicated by your aura

I am drawn to the faint light like a moth to a flame

Though it is barely visible, I trust it will not lead me astray.

I follow it, and I follow you

Through back alleys and proudly bursting front doors

Across winding roads and wading in open fields

I break open the skin on my feet on the unforgiving cobblestone

I am caressed by the warm, shifting sands

With each turn of a corner,

I hold my breath

The silence is deafening

I am deathly afraid,

but I do not know of what.

I cannot leave empty-handed.

I empty my pockets and leave all that I once knew behind.

It’s not that I want you.

It’s not that I need you.

Simply giving into the moment

Or lying here forever won’t do.

I want to become one with you.

I want our atoms to combine.

There is no more you. There is no more I.

The lines would be blurry, if they even existed in the first place.

I think I knew deep-down when I entered there was no way out.

I was pretended [that I was pretending] that I knew better.

I thought my impeccable sense of direction would come in handy.

But you can’t be lost if there’s nowhere to go.

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