One-Way Mirror.
One-Way Mirror. art stories

mjkemp91 I like to create and inspire.
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It’s all meaningless unless you see it for yourself.

One-Way Mirror.

Like mitotic spindle fibers. Waiting. To be violently torn apart once more.

We can’t be in the same room together, we cannot occupy the same quadrants of time and space. A siren blares somewhere in the distance. The pressure drops: the air escapes my lungs.

I never told you before how much you’ve inspired me. I want to recreate myself in your image. I know I’ll regret not telling you until the day you die. I know it will be you and not me first.

I’ve seen it play out so many times before: my tears warping the veneer on your wooden casket. I am kneeling, internally screaming—incessantly reworking scenarios of what might have been.

It’s not that I won’t tell you.

It’s not that I am selfishly holding onto this information like my horde of Halloween candy that we once shared behind that shed, away from your mother’s prying eyes.

It’s that I can’t. I’ve tried. I can say the words but you will not listen.

I can explain to you the bright visions of the future I see when I look at you. I can try my best to mirror your passionate creativity and illustrations of your potential.

I can write songs, and draw poetry, and create all kinds of artistic works not yet conceived—all inspired by your essence.

But it’s all meaningless unless you see it for yourself.

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