Mouths. wrong stories

mjkemp91 I like to create and inspire.
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Not a proper example of it, but a piece inspired by the Bop Poem structure.


You never think before opening your mouth. In fact, you never think about the fact that other people might have mouths, too It all comes down to mouths, really.

There’s mouths to feed There’s mouths that you only want to pleasure you There’s mouths of the river, and cotton mouths on the ground, But whether it’s an opening, an escape, a word, or an onslaught it’s all the same

And you never think before opening your mouth. And because you never think before opening your mouth, you never even thought of the possibility of not opening your mouth

Imagine the possibilities of the world that would open to you Imagine the discovery of your other senses The closing of one opening, but only insofar as to gain the opening of your mind

The perspectives of others you could see The stories which you could finally hear The reality you could simply touch: the antithesis of your constructed fantasy

I’m not saying you won’t, because I know you can. But it won’t be easy And it will get messy

The broken shards from the shattered echo chamber that you will tiptoe around The pangs from lack of consumption Growing pains: the expansion of the universe inside your mind

And you only stand a chance if next time you think. Before opening your mouth

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