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But now I’m not sure if I was the illusion or


Fix your eyes upon that spot on the wall. Blink once for yes and two for no, but three times and you might miss it.

You are taught to think in hypotheticals, to see in the form of parabolas, and to speak in pentameter, but indulge me for a moment.

The beast is calling, and it doesn’t play well with others.

There is a corner of a room that no one has touched. There is a shard of discarded glass that lies in the field that has been left undisturbed.

If you look for too long and hard, you might miss the most important details. If you are too busy thinking in riddles, you’ll miss the punch line.

The truth is, I have heard that story before but I was afraid I might not never hear it again, and so I had you repeat it. I’m sorry if I was too forward, but I can’t help but finding myself needing to move in a given direction.

Let’s face it, this town isn’t big enough to house another one of your natural disasters. Our time was spent well, but we only had enough left to exchange it for clocks with faces too small to our bluff.

In the end, it was the road with the least number of cross-streets that we decided on. The scream from your worst nightmares was so deafening it blacked out the stars.

But now I’m not sure if I was the illusion or

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