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Have you seen her?

Have You Seen This Person?

LOST FRIEND [Insert nondescript picture here] Have You Seen Her?

Following every cardinal direction down to the letter. What she lacks in virtue she makes up in persistence

Perched in a glass house high atop a cliff by the sea

And a stone’s throw away from shattering it.

Sometimes I can still recall her dancing when all is still. In between the steady rhythm of my heartbeats.

The fluid lines of her form tracing out the paragraphs of her body’s love letter to the stars under the moonlit sky.

There in those times before the sunrise. The time when dreams were to be as cherished and protected as your own children. Before the thieves came to rob us of them.

So we created an ode: a pact. We would stay ever vigilant. We would train ourselves to learn the signs. In this way, creation itself would be our safeguard. We dreamt together.

Sometimes I catch myself humming the melody: the words long forgotten.

But they did come. These thieves did not come under cover of darkness. They were not swift. They came slowly and unapologetically.

They even announced their arrival. We opened the door for them. We let them in. We heralded it. Their names were Time and Knowledge.

First, they came for her dreams. Later they came for her. It was not enough that we were aware of their presence. The cost of turning them away was too great.

But the toll had been taken. The price had to be paid. Oceans appeared between that we could not cross, and bridges were burned which we could not rebuild.

IF SEEN, Please let her know: I am looking for her.

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