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mjkemp91 I like to create and inspire.
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Creation is a privilege and an honor.


What to say? When you speak for those that are voiceless…

I can’t think of the weight of my words without breaking my hands. I remember what Uncle Ben said, but I’m no hero.

How strange it must be—to be able to speak and not be heard. I can at least be heard, though I may fall on deaf ears. I may not be met with open arms and eager hearts

But I can create. And in creating, I rebel against the destruction around me

Creation and destruction are the most passionate of lovers. They share a violent and volatile affair.

When one of them has had a little too much to drink, or watched one too many old Western films, they get big ideas. And then it’s necessary for the other to pull on the reins.

To restore balance.

And so, creating is a protest. A pep-talk for creation’s ears, and a condemnation against destruction’s blind fury.

Maybe that’s enough, and maybe not.

But it will at least


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