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Finally got around to writing some new pieces.

Figure Study

Take aim, and take what you want.

Shell-shocked and breathless I unwound myself and relapsed, but within your grasp

The doors which only open wider to further means to an end. Ends which can only justify themselves, insofar as they are what we make of them

You are rising, trembling. Your open lips press to the microphone as if to say

“I never wanted to follow you down that dirt road when we were kids” “I know that’s what they call me, but I’m not sure what my name really is” “The cold is so much more unbearable when there’s no one there to tell you that you’re overexaggerating”

But I had a feeling you’d be here, wearing that dress the color of that exact sentiment. Your eyes told me everything I needed to know before the touch of your hand could

The lines that we had crossed and rehashed habitually had left us with no ground to walk upon Pockets of air were becoming scare as night was falling on our realizations

The final latch came undone. The mirror shattered. I was you, You were me, We were one and then

We looked up. Silently.

As you said: “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and leapt back into the sea.

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