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And I will be the first in line to take a bite from your peach.


Circling around the drain, but we both know you’ve been here before And lord knows you’ve followed every cardinal direction enough to know that you’ve been down before

But I don’t really want to dwell on that right now And you don’t really want to speak on that anyhow So let’s save that topic for a rainy day.

And let’s pray that rainy day will come Let’s talk about how your words moved me, and how I moved you in being moved, and maybe we’ll say nothing at all.

I want to make you feel complete. I want you to feel wanted. I want you to feel that in this moment there is nothing to want, because this moment is all there is

And if being is enough then let me stay awhile. We’ll watch the sun set on this day and celebrate the beautiful illusion of tomorrow And tomorrow we can toast the victories of yesterday

And when we’re done reminiscing we can finally put this behind us. And the best outcome you can really ask for, from a burial, is that a new seed will sprout on top of the mound of dirt covering the remains of the corpse you said goodbye to

Your tears watering the infant sapling, your warm joy radiating and nurturing, like rays of the sun And next summer we can see if you will bear fruit

And I will be the first in line to take a bite from your peach.

And if you want to trade me for a song or a poem than I will happily oblidge For I cannot imagine a gift more sacred than creation And I cannot imagine any joy more great than being content with the one you love

And I cannot imagine any bliss greater than the combination of the two. I remember you asking me what the greatest pain I have ever felt was

And I remember telling you the story of when I broke my wrist (of my broken bone) And I thought I remember you saying “That’s not what I meant” (my mind is broken) And I think you were sad

And I thought—

But we are. You and I. I know that we are. I don’t need to know the rest.

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