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I honestly can't believe it's almost been a year since my last post. Time flies as they say; pre-med has all but consumed me! It truly does make me sad I don't have much time for writing lately. I hope that everyone is healthy and well in this hectic time.

Here's one from the vault.


So much space I'm connecting the dots along the x and y

I can't forget that my mission is searching, But I can't seem to remember what it is I'm trying to find.

And what sense of "find" is that I'm after, anyway?

Am I attempting discover something completely new? To illuminate the rest of the world to a corner previously unseen?

Or am I merely trying to "find" my meaning. To adjust my perspective and look at the glass half--well, perhaps I'm different and I view the glass sideways, the contents spilling onto the floor.

And in this way, I "find" my meaning like simply putting on a pair of glasses. And when I touch your face, is it with the longing of a lost child, searching in the dark for comfort and peace?

Or it just that kind of night that calls for company.

And what can truly be accomplished if in that moment that I touch you, you are comforted but are unwilling to share that comfort.

If you hide that light. If you refused to let that spark be seen.

What a waste, for you cannot take your knowledge beyond the grave. The end of your experience will nullify it. What good is joy and truth if it cannot be shared, and how can you be certain they exist unless you share them?

And after enough dots have been connected for a vague form to appear you wonder if maybe the space was the problem all along.

For how can one search in a space where there is nowhere to look?

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