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Fun little tale of nostalgia and growing up, through the lens of pop culture references.


Sic transit Gloria, as Elvis has left the building So busy re-building burned bridges, you failed to notice your hairline was receding

But you really haven’t been the same since the recession of 2008. You no longer believe in happily ever after, but sometimes never really is better than late

Shouting “Never!” when you said you wouldn’t, as you descend for the last time to the center of the earth Breaking all the promises you swore you’d keep, daydreaming of when you would let people down and make them hurt.

Still wondering what the wave meant, and dreaming of when it will you pick you up and carry you away And you wonder, even if it was an awesome one would you still have the courage enough to do, make, think, or say…

But you can’t move on because you’re still stuck thinking about what Sarah said Wipe that dirt off your shoulder for now, and be grateful that you’re not yet dead.

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