Actor: "Notice Me!"
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I've been away way too long; been a bit busy lately.

Here's one from the vault.

Actor: "Notice Me!"

Simultaneous cat and mouse. Chasing my own tail—chasing my own self

Sets of ellipticals hand-drawn with the broken pencils of ex-lovers If I was a wise man, I’d give you one word to another

As it stands, I’m standing here with more questions than answers The labyrinth of the pandering, meandering, and the

But pause for a moment.

And let your words flow into me. Like waters overflowing, over the lens of the new perspective you’re giving me

I want to be emboldened, so I write these words in bold of the sentence we are sharing I’m finding I’m spending all my time underlining everything, because I’m much too busy caring

I get to the end of your page, and you find I’ve made the point down to the very last letter. Crossing T’s, and dotting I’s like nailing boards down to conceal skeletons in the cellar

But the truth of the matter is I’m the one who is reading you. I’ve merely built a stage, and you’ve supplied all the actors

They each have their own, sad backstory

They each want to be somebody

“Notice me, notice me!”, they scream. They won’t stop until you’ve read the very last line of the script, after the break at the end of the very last page

Eternal game of cat and mouse; eternal self-conceptions caught in a chase.

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