A Life That Was Never Given
A Life That Was Never Given change stories
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The definition of freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

If you would've said this to someone hundred's of years ago they wouldn't believe you. There was no such thing as freedom. That's how much this world has changed.

It's surprising how people automatically thought that if your skin was something other than white you were not human. Some People even think this to this day even though we have proved that everyone deserves the same rights.

A Life That Was Never Given

Life is a Crime.

If only we were given more time,

To create the world we seek to see,

We are not given Justice nor are we given liberty.

We live in a world where Malcolm, Martin, and Mandela wished they could live to see. They look back down at us and say "What more could it be?"

Freedom matters in all places.

Just under 75 years ago, we were considered disgraces.

I seek freedom like I seek education,

Everything happening right now is just a frustration.

This poem was written for all people around the world.

No matter if your skin color is black or white.

Not even if you're a Boy or a Girl.

All people,

All races,

Freedom matters in all places

No matter who you are,

No matter where you're from,

We as human beings,

Deserve to be equal.

Life is a battle

It isn't a game.

Fighting for equal rights isn't the same.

There are many of us close in range,

So let's step up and make a change.

We sacrificed our lives for each other.

But why can't we love one another?

We live in a society where there are a

numerous amount of unpleasant mistakes.

These mistakes outweigh the good that is done in life.

Why can’t we be an equal society that does right.

Doing this act will make the world shine bright.

I sit down and think of a reasoning

For all the things that have been displeasing.

We have many things to face

But we, we are not a disgrace.

The phrase all men are created equal by Thomas Jefferson is incorrect,

We look on the past and we reflect

All men and women are created equal!

I have been given life to change the world,

In many possible ways I can withhold

We ask why are we living the life we are living.

But you have to fight for the life that was never given.

Freedom is everything we want in life.

Freedom is not free.

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